27 Ottobre 2021

Rivadavia Industria Conciaria s.r.l.

Dreaming, creating, testing and manufacturing.
Learning, changing, reviving and dreaming again.
The vital circle of our production is also our identity
and our mark. A butterfly alighted on a flower
can inspire our next leather.
The moss touch can give rise to the texture of our next hide.
The light reflecting on the water let us imagine the effects
of a distinctive finishing created for a bag held by an alluring girl.
Hence, we dream, we test, we manufacture... and the next day we start again.
Environment and Sustainability
A tannery can be attentive or insensitive towards the surrounding environment. It can be invasive or invisible.
Rivadavia chose to be as invisible as possible for the environment where our children grow. We use low-impact chemicals and we also take care and check the hide preparation in their countries of origin to help the safeguard of other territories and cultures, as well.
Our respect for mankind and nature is attested by our environment certifications, but mainly by our ethical and conduct codes.

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We are born in the cradle of art, of knowledge and creativity, of fashion and style. We aim at transforming and blending our origin with our manufactured leather seeking quality and durability, influencing fashion and striving for the velvet-touch. We are aware of being Italian and we cannot expect anything less from us.
Product Certification Italian Origin

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